IP Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Intellectual property dispute resolution and litigation is a core capability of Actuate IP. It is what we specialise in. We are not a generalist litigation law firm. IP is what we do and what we know.

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Our Key IP Dispute Areas

IP Dispute Expertise

Led by Colin Cheung, our team are skilled and strong intellectual property negotiators and litigators with a proven track record for delivering commercially favourable results for its clients. We have reputation in our field for strongly representing our clients and being tough opponents.

We put in place strategies to maximise achieving a commercially favourable outcome for our clients. It is all about planning and forward thinking. As part of this approach, we are also resolute and hard nosed litigators. Dispute resolution and litigation is about the details and often the nuances. The nuances – the seemingly small actions and identifiers – are often what can make the difference in achieving a favourable settlement, resolution or outcome.

How We Can Help You

Our intellectual property lawyers have represented the firm’s clients in various courts including the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia, the Full Court and the Hearings Office of IP Australia. Our firm also works a close network of overseas intellectual property firms located in all key jurisdictions. This trusted network enables us to assist our clients with overseas intellectual property disputes and issues in a effective and efficient way.

Like any business expense, deciding to defend or enforce your intellectual property rights through requires a careful cost benefit analysis. We understand that.

At the start of each IP dispute resolution / litigation project we invest the time to carefully scope it out in detail and undertake a legal position strength and risk assessment. As part of your project plan we clearly set out a road map of the likely stages and pathways your matter will take. Our approach then is to understand your business objectives and stay aligned with those objectives. Armed with this understanding we can develop a strong dispute resolution strategy with you and, if ultimately required, a robust litigation strategy.

Our IP Dispute Resolution & Litigation Team

Colin Cheung
Principal | Lawyer @ Actuate IP
Cameron Lang
Senior Associate | Lawyer @ Actuate IP
Paola Rios
Legal Projects Administrator & Trade Mark Attorney @ Actuate IP
Amy O’Bryan
Lawyer @ Actuate IP