Trade Mark Monitoring & Watch Services

A proactive trade mark watch strategy is a valuable way for a business to identify if its competitors are copying their brand. Trade mark watch services assist to identify in a timely manner potential infringers of a business’ trade mark rights, so that conduct can be addressed to limit any reputational damage to your brand arising from that competitor’s actions.

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Why monitor your trade marks?

New trade mark filings in Australia and globally increase every year. This increase in trade mark filing activity makes it all the more relevant to receive current and regular reports on those activities in order to safe guard your brand space.

We provide a range of comprehensive trade mark monitoring and watch services tailored to your particular commercial objectives and priorities. We develop and coordinate regular monthly reports filings in Australia and in other countries. We can also monitor online misuse of your brand.

Time is often of the essence when it comes to dealing with trade mark filings or online use that are too similar to your trade mark rights. Armed with this knowledge, positions you to take action either by way of a trade mark opposition, letter of demand and/or legal proceedings to deal with the potentially infringing conduct.

How we can help you

Our trade marks team work with you to understand your brand priorities and markets of importance. With this knowledge they prepare a trade mark monitoring package and service with a leading and reputable providers that have developed technology to efficiently monitor trade mark and brand misuse activities.

Our team can then review those results on a regular basis identifying any conduct of particular concern for your review and potential action.

Our Trade Mark Monitoring & Watch Services Team

Jennifer Driver
Principal | Trade Mark Attorney @ Actuate IP
Paola Rios
Legal Projects Administrator & Trade Mark Attorney @ Actuate IP