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Protect your brand identity and creative assets with Actuate IP's Sydney based Intellectual Property Lawyers

Our team of knowledgeable Intellectual Property specialists prioritise achieving optimal outcomes for our clients. Our services include advising on registrability, submitting trademark searches, filing and prosecution, patent applications, dispute resolution, and copyright breach litigation.

Our team of IP litigation experts will ensure precise guidance and representation on all matters related to intellectual property and related intangible assets, to help you safeguard your intellectual property assets.

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How can an IP Law Firm help me?

If you own any intellectual property assets, such as ideas, technology, medical devices, scientific discoveries, literary works, art, designs, branding or other concepts, an Intellectual Property Lawyer can assist you in protecting and defending them against infringement.

Intellectual property laws establish a legal framework that enables creators to enforce their ownership and rights in case others attempt to claim ownership or rights to their ideas or creations. They are an essential part of your brand protection strategy and also can be utilised to obtain commercial IP licensing for your product or brand.

What can Actuate IP's Intellectual Property Team Help Me With?

Actuate IP can assist you with Intellectual Property matters, including IP strategy, advice and necessary court proceedings. Our team can guide you in the following areas:

Trade Mark Law

Trade Mark Law is about registering a trademark to safeguard your brand, including the name of your business, product, logo, slogan, and other crucial branding elements. These can be officially registered with the appropriate intellectual property authorities. We offer assistance with:

  • Search & Registrability Advice
  • Registration
  • International Portfolio Management
  • Disputes and Resolution
  • Infringement
  • Oppositions

Design Law

Registering your design is crucial to protect the visual appearance of your product. To ensure eligibility, the design must be novel at the time of submitting the application. Therefore, it is important to file the design application before publicly disclosing the design. As your IP lawyer, we can provide assistance with:

  • Design registrations
  • Infringements related to designs
  • Disputes about registered designs

Patent Law

A patent is different from a trademark and needs to be obtained through a formal application process. Patents are specifically for inventions, such as a substance, process, device, or methodology. Our team of patent attorneys can provide assistance with:

  • Registering patents
  • Patent infringements
  • Resolving disputes related to patents

Confidential Information

We can assist you with protecting any important confidential or secret information that is crucial to your business operations, including trade secrets.

  • Any confidential information unique to your business, such as trade secrets, should not be disclosed.
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and confidentiality agreements.

Copyright Law

Actuate IP provides assistance to artists, musicians, creators, writers and designers in protecting their work through copyright laws, regardless of whether it’s in traditional or digital formats. Unlike patents, registration is not necessary for copyright laws to apply. Our team of highly knowledgeable and strategic copyright lawyers can offer their expertise in the following areas:

  • Copyright advice, both general and specific
  • Protection of copyright and licensing rights
  • Disputes related to copyright
  • Infringement of copyright
  • Assignment agreements

Dispute Resolution Services for Intellectual Property Matters

We can help you if you believe that someone has violated your intellectual property rights or contract. We have expertise in dealing with challenging legal cases and can offer you guidance on how to safeguard your intellectual property. If legal action is needed, we will make sure to assess all possible solutions before commencing any court proceedings.

Actuate IP’s Sydney team of specialist IP lawyers and patent attorneys have the necessary expertise to safeguard your intellectual property. As a reputable and well-regarded firm across Australia, working with an international network of IP Law specialists, you can feel confident that your intellectual property assets are in safe hands.

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Actuate IP, Sydney’s highly esteemed Intellectual Property Lawyers

Actuate IP offers a full spectrum of services to assist you in clarifying your Intellectual Property rights, and safeguarding your intellectual and creative property. As a leading Sydney Intellectual Property Law Firm, we can handle all of your IP related matters, working closely with you to identify the best strategies to protect your intellectual property.

Contact our team of dedicated IP Lawyers to discuss how we can assist you with trademarks, patents, licensing, copyright, or safeguarding confidential information. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the help you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Intellectual Property Lawyers Sydney

What are IP assets, and how can an intellectual property law firm help me to protect my creations and ideas?

In Australia, the term “intellectual property” refers to creations that result from a person’s creative or intellectual abilities. These could include artworks, designs, ideas, books, or music. As the creator of such work, you are automatically granted copyright for your lifetime plus an additional 70 years.

Although copyright provides some protection for your work, sometimes it may not be enough. That’s where an IP lawyer comes in to help. They can assist you in seeking various forms of protection for your intellectual property, such as registered trademarks and patents. Additionally, an IP lawyer can help you search existing IP databases, register international trademarks and pursue legal action against possible infringements.

What is the difference between IP solicitor and patent attorney?

The role of a patent attorney is to acquire their client’s intellectual property rights and assist in their protection, while IP lawyers frequently handle cases involving any infringement or disputes of these rights. It is important to engage a patent attorney specifically when seeking to file a patent for an invention. Both provide specialised commercial legal services to help businesses protect their creative assets, brand, trade secrets and business identity.

What categories of intellectual property rights are there in Australia?

The key areas of IP law In Australia are: Patents – A patent is a form of protection for novel inventions and ideas that grants exclusive rights to the holder for using their idea. Trade Marks – These are associated with a brand that has been officially registered, and help safeguard assets that belong to the brand.

These assets could include things like branding elements, logos, slogans, or anything else that distinguishes your brand from others. Registered Designs – A registered design can grant the holder exclusive usage rights for any new and distinctive design. This includes items such as cars, food packaging, and sports uniforms. However, it is important to demonstrate that the design is unique, not previously disclosed, and not available in the market.

Copyright – In Australia, copyright is granted automatically to intellectual and creative works, including written works, designs, music, and ideas. Circuit Rights -Circuit rights pertain to designs in the field of electronics and technology, such as those used in computer chips and televisions.. Plant Breeding Rights – The purpose of PBRs is to safeguard the intellectual property rights of plant breeders who create new plant varieties.

How are intellectual property rights enforced in Australia?

In Australia, there is different legislation for various types of intellectual property matters. If you have an Australian patent, NDA, trademark, licensing or copyright protections in place, you can work with an IP law firm to enforce laws surrounding your intellectual assets. If you think someone has violated your intellectual property rights, you can take legal action against them.

Similarly, if you are accused of infringing someone else’s intellectual property, you may face legal consequences. If the case is successful, you may be able to get compensation for any losses you suffered as a result of the infringement. An IP lawyer can assist you in constructing your case and advising you on the most effective strategies for a positive outcome.

How can I keep my intellectual property safe if there are third parties involved?

Having a non-disclosure policy is important when working on a project with others. This policy ensures that confidential information is not shared and any information shared is not disclosed to others. The policy can be drawn up for employees, contractors, consultants, and third parties like accountants.

If the idea is new, a patent can be registered, or if it pertains to business assets, a trademark can be sought after. Having an IP lawyer create a contract that meets legal requirements will be of great assistance if an infringement claim or dispute arises in the future.

Once I have protection in place for my intellectual property, how long will it last?

Intellectual property laws have varying time limits. In Australia, copyright protection lasts for the creator’s lifetime and extends for 70 years after their death. If something is released after the creator has died, 70 years of protection begins after public release. Trademarks can be registered for 10 years and renewals are possible. Patents last for 20 to 25 years, with 25 years for pharmaceutical recipes. To safeguard your intellectual property, it is vital to consider international regulations, which an IP lawyer can guide you through.

Can intellectual property be licenced to others or sold?

You can sell intellectual property just like any other item. Copyright can be transferred through sale, licensing, or transfer, and there are various ways to do this. You can choose to give someone else exclusive or limited usage rights as per the conditions. Licensing enables others to use your intellectual property under certain conditions such as for a set amount of time, for a specific purpose, or in a particular area. Selling or licensing your intellectual property involves many nuances that should be carefully considered with the assistance of an IP lawyer before making any decisions that may impact your ownership rights.

Is it really necessary to take legal steps to protect my intellectual assets?

IP lawyers have different fees, depending on the matter’s complexity and nature. Actuate IP offer fixed fee certainty, which we are able to provide due to our extensive experience in handling IP matters. We can provide an accurate quote for any matter you may be considering, just get in touch.

What is meant by Confidential Information in Intellectual Property Law?

Protecting your intellectual property is a very personal choice. However, not doing so can result in avoidable losses. IP enforcement later down the line is much easier to pursue if necessary steps are taken early on in most cases. IP disputes can be complex to resolve if there isn’t any clear information as to the original owner of the intellectual assets. Patent disputes and patent infringement also can rely heavily on proving who came up with an idea first and having a patent in place helps to show this. To learn about your options and make an informed decision, please contact us if you’re uncertain.

What will it cost to get IP protection put into place?

At Actuate IP, we offer fixed fees for our services depending on the complexity and nature of the IP matter. Our extensive experience in handling such cases allows us to give an accurate quote for any matter you may be considering. Feel free to contact us directly for IP advice and to talk about costs relating to your needs.

What is defined as Confidential Information when it comes to Intellectual Property Law?

In IP Law, ‘Confidential Information’ refers to private information that must be protected from being used by others for financial gain. This can include procedures, methods, recipes, or specific information and ideas related to your business. Such information can be safeguarded by establishing proper confidentiality agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Can I protect my intellectual property internationally?

The protection provided by Intellectual Property laws differs between countries and types of IP law. It’s important to note that the safeguards offered under Australian Law may not be adequate in foreign countries. To protect your Intellectual Property overseas, you must follow different procedures.

We help numerous clients implement measures to safeguard their intellectual assets in Australia wide, and internationally. It’s wise to consider international brand protection even if your product is currently only available on the Australian market. This is because international companies may replicate consumer products, ideas, technology or aspects of your brand and leave you with little room for enforcement later on, as no registration or patent was filed in their legal jurisdiction.

We can help protect your intellectual property rights in any country you need through our strong global partnerships. Let’s discuss how we can provide the best protection for your IP, not only in Australia but also abroad.