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Documenting commercial contracts is an important aspect of any transaction and particularly in the context of intellectual property.

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How do Commercial IP Agreements Work?

It clearly identifies the respective rights and legal obligations of the contracting parties. It sets the right tone at the start of any commercial relationship. Importantly and necessarily it also deals with ‘worst case’ scenarios and what the rights and obligations of the respective parties are when they occur. A strongly and clearly drafted agreement understood by both parties will minimise the possibility of a contractual dispute arising or if it does arise then they can be addressed pursuant to the terms of the contract.

Poorly prepared and unclear contracts or worst yet ‘handshake’ only agreements (not documented) will more than likely result in a costly legal dispute and possible litigation. We adopt a plain English contract drafting approach and assist in the negotiation process.

It is one thing to develop and protect your intellectual property with trade mark registrations, design registrations and patents. However commercialising those intangible assets into revenue streams requires a robust intellectual property agreement to complement it.

How We Can Help You

  • trade mark, patent and design licences
  • advice and negotiation in relation to licences
  • intellectual property assignments
  • confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements
  • advice and preparation in relation to intellectual specific clauses in broader commercial contracts such as distribution, manufacturing, supply or employment contracts
  • intellectual property due diligence
  • website terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • settlement / co-existence agreements

Our IP Commercial Agreements & Licensing Team

Colin Cheung
Principal | Lawyer @ Actuate IP
Cameron Lang
Senior Associate | Lawyer @ Actuate IP
Amy O’Bryan
Lawyer @ Actuate IP