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Navigating the realm of copyright law can often be confusing, which is why our highly skilled Melbourne copyright lawyers are here to guide you every step of the way. Our dedicated professionals specialise in all copyright-related matters, encompassing disputes, infringement matters, and licensing intricacies.

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The concept of copyright is frequently confused with registering a trademark, which is an entirely distinct matter. Unlike trademark registration, copyright is inherently given to the individual responsible for making something – whether it’s a painting, architectural design, or musical creation. The granting of copyright requires no proactive steps; it simply applies due to the creator’s rightful ownership of their artistic endeavour.

Our adept team of legal professionals are here to help you clarify and demystify the nuances of creator’s rights, offering cost-effective solutions across a broad scope of IP protection, resolving disputes, leasing and change of ownership. We provide comprehensive guidance on the differentiation between copyright matters and other intellectual property matters such as registered design, license and leasing strategies, trademarks and commercial law.

A full range of Copyright services:

Exclusive Rights & Creative Industries

Our skilled attorneys have assisted countless clients in establishing and protecting their rights under the Commonwealth Copyright Act, safeguarding original creations and establishing agreements concerning copyright ownership with third parties.

Negotiations, Dispute Resolution & Litigation

The need for dispute resolution or legal proceedings may arise in certain scenarios. We are fully equipped to assist by either representing your interests or facilitating mediation on your behalf.

Copyright & Business Assets Protections

Utilise tools such as copyright disclaimers, assignment agreements, trademarks, patents, and NDAs to fortify the protection of your intellectual property or facilitate the licensing of your copyrighted content to external parties.

Cease-and-Desist Letters

We can help you to create a cease and desist letter addressing broader copyright infringement concerns. This formal legal document serves as a written demand, compelling individuals or organisations to cease their unauthorised use of copyrighted material to which you own or hold the rights.

Negotiating & Drafting Licensing Agreements

Should you seek to obtain licenses for copyrighted materials from third parties or license your creations to external parties, our team is here to guide you through drawing up and negotiating equitable terms that align with the provisions of the Copyright Act.

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

If you plan to purchase or sell a business encompassing intellectual property assets or copyrighted materials, our team can ensure the valuation process and verification of non-infringement before any transaction is carried out meticulously.

Do copyright laws protect my work?

If you created the original work, you certainly do. Possessing copyright gives you exclusive rights over your creations unless you license or convey ownership to another individual or entity. This choice might arise if you intend to sell the rights to a book you’ve authored for adaptation into a film or to license your music for specific venue performances. It could also involve attributing co-creation credit to another individual for an artwork, song, or new technological innovation.

We are here to support you in transferring ownership or licensing your work, enabling others to benefit from or appreciate it. Diverse categories of licenses exist, encompassing both limited permissions and granting exclusive rights to others. We are available for a consultation to explore these options in-depth, ensuring a tailored approach that best aligns with your requirements.

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Drawing from extensive expertise, we provide holistic counsel spanning trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Our services cater to individuals and enterprises, safeguarding sensitive business information and creative IP. From overseeing complex trademark portfolios to supporting startups, we can assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Copyright Lawyers Melbourne

When is copyright infringement litigation necessary?

If someone is using your original work without your express permission, litigation is an option for protecting your rights. In many cases, matters can be solved without litigation, but it may be necessary if other attempts to stop infringements haven’t been successful. If you have created a work, you have intellectual property rights that protect your IP assets and business intellectual property that you have made. We can assist you to ensure these are upheld.

What is 'fair dealing' (fair use policy) regarding copyright infringement?

Australia operates under a fair use, or fair dealing, policy concerning creative works. This entails that there are instances in which utilising someone else’s creative work is permissible, contingent upon how it is employed.

While “fair use” is a term rooted in the US context and sometimes misconstrued in Australia, the country employs “fair dealing” to encompass a range of acceptable applications when utilising another’s creation. These encompass research, review, parody, satire, news reporting, and even the dispensation of legal counsel. Given the intricacy of this matter, it’s advisable to delve into further research or seek expert guidance for a comprehensive understanding.

What copyright protection do I have as a copyright owner?

Types of work that can be copyrighted Many creative and artistic works, such as writing, photos, videos, software and music, are protected in Australia under the Copyright Act 1968. As a copyright owner in Australia, you possess exclusive rights over your original creative works. These rights encompass the ability to reproduce, publish, communicate, adapt, and perform your work.

Copyright protection is automatic upon creation and generally lasts for the creator’s lifetime plus 70 years. This legal framework safeguards your artistic, literary, and intellectual contributions, granting you the authority to control how your works are used and allowing you to license or transfer these rights as needed. If someone uses your work without permission, you have legal recourse to protect your rights and seek remedies for infringement.

The duration of Copyright in Australia Copyright automatically applies for seventy (70) years after an author’s death or the time of publication of sound recordings or movies being released. Radio, television and podcasts have a fifty-year protection from the time of being released publicly.

What are the benefits of legal representation when seeking copyright registration?

  • Copyright protection advice: Our legal professionals guide individuals in safeguarding their creative creations within the framework of copyright law.
  • Usage & copyright ownership: Experienced attorneys assist clients in navigating and securing the necessary permissions and usage rights for copyrighted materials. This encompasses works produced by freelance contractors, co-authors, and collaborative contributors.
  • Licensing & compensation: Legal professionals can negotiate and draft licensing agreements, granting authorised usage of copyrighted content while ensuring clients receive fair compensation.
  • Preventing infringement: Lawyers help clients correctly address copyright infringement through measures like work registration, copyright marking, and vigilant usage monitoring.
  • Rights Enforcement: Solicitors enforce clients’ rights by initiating lawsuits, issuing cease-and-desist communications, and orchestrating settlements.
  • Risk Evaluation: Legal experts assist clients in identifying and evaluating potential copyright infringement risks, particularly those linked to using third-party creations.
  • Diligent Scrutiny: Lawyers conduct thorough due diligence to confirm the acquisition of copyright ownership or licences without any impending infringement concerns.
  • Official Registration: Solicitors support clients in registering their works with relevant copyright entities, such as the UK Intellectual Property Office.
  • Fair Use Insight: Legal advisors guide the fair use exception to copyright infringement, outlining scenarios where it might be applicable.
  • Infringement Prevention: An intellectual property lawyer will ensure clients avoid having their work infringed upon through measures like work registration, copyright marking, and vigilant monitoring of usage
  • Rights Enforcement: Solicitors enforce clients’ rights by initiating lawsuits, issuing cease-and-desist communications, and guiding settlements.
  • Risk Evaluation: Legal experts assist clients in identifying and evaluating potential copyright infringement risks, particularly those linked to third-party creations.
  • Due Diligence: Lawyers conduct thorough due diligence to confirm the acquisition of copyright ownership or licences without any impending infringement concerns.
  • Official Registration: Solicitors support clients in registering trademarks and patents for their work in line with intellectual property law and relevant copyright entities, such as the Australian Copyright Council.

How do I get my copyright registered?

No formal registration is needed in Australia – copyright protection is inherent and automatic. You have the option to license or transfer ownership. Our team can guide you through this process. For specific intellectual property law protection, you can explore patent registration for inventions, especially in technology or science. You can also safeguard trade secrets with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). Our expertise in tailoring intellectual property protection, including copyright counsel, will meet your unique needs.

In what ways can copyright be enforced?

Copyright law in Australia is upheld through the actions of the copyright owner and their legal representatives to prevent unauthorised use. Demonstrating ownership becomes crucial in potential conflicts due to the absence of formal registration. Enforcement varies from negotiations between parties to escalation to the Federal Circuit Court when agreement proves elusive. Intellectual property lawyers mediate to facilitate resolution.

What constitutes copyright infringement?

If someone has extensively employed a substantial portion of your work, they’ve probably breached your copyright. Grasping the tenets of the fair use policy and confirming the absence of your copyright transgressions is pivotal. While less than 10% of content is often deemed fair use, this isn’t an absolute rule. Fair use is less plausible if you’ve verbatim replicated 1000 words from a 10,000-word literary piece and presented it as your own. Engaging legal counsel before asserting copyright is prudent, avoiding baseless claims. Moreover, instances can arise where individuals remain oblivious to using another’s work, such as when a third party shares your work.