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Actuate IP is a Melbourne-based Intellectual Property & Trademark Law Firm. Our lawyers can successfully navigate the process, and intricacies, of obtaining and protecting your IP and trademark rights, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients. We are the trademark lawyers Melbourne trusts to protect their intellectual property and confidential information.

As Experts We Understand How To Protect Your Trademark

Whether you own a business, are marketing a product or creating a new brand, it's essential to have the proper legal protection in place to ensure that your intellectual property is safeguarded.

Our many years of experience allow us to provide high-quality services on any legal matter related to trademarks. We work with advisors, SMEs, start-ups and corporate organisations to service all aspects of your trademark law requirements with fee certainty for peace of mind.

Our experienced lawyers will work with you to understand your trademark rights in Australia. We can assist you throughout the process of trademark applications, trademark registration and trademark disputes.

Individuals, brands and organisations use trademarks and patents to identify a design, unique name or branding aspects as exclusively linked with the owner of the trade mark or patent.

Trademarks are incredible for marketing and brand recognition and can become a highly valuable asset if your business flourishes. Without any protection, competitors may take credit for your work or claim it as their own, which can seriously damage your reputation.

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Trademark Application and Registration

Actuate IP provide legal services and advice that will help you to understand your eligibility for a trademark and assist in preparing your application. The first step we advise is to perform a search to see if any other businesses are already using something similar.

Our specialist team of lawyers has experience with a vast array of clients and industries in Melbourne and Australia. As the owner of the brand-related property, we will ensure that you have the protection and safeguards you require.

Our Melbourne Trademark Lawyers

Jennifer Driver

Jennifer leads Actuate IP's trade marks and designs team and is responsible for hundreds of domestic trade mark portfolios.

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Jennifer Driver

Principal | Trade Mark Attorney @ Actuate IP

Amy O'Bryan

Amy O'Bryan

Lawyer @ Actuate IP

Paola Rios

Paola Rios

Legal Projects Administrator & Trade Mark Attorney @ Actuate IP

A registered trade mark defines ownership of rights connected with your business or brand. Trade mark applications are frequently made for business names, slogans, logos, symbols, photos, or anything unique to your brand. Trade marks ensure that your business has branding exclusivity and that others cannot use your brand assets to gain profit or commercially trade items without infringing on your trademark rights. It also enables you to legally use the TM symbol next to your registered trademark, which is an excellent deterrent to other businesses who may have attempted to use aspects of your branding for their gain.

Many businesses do not seek to register their trade mark, and they may still be protected under Common Law in some instances. This may cause regrets later if business assets become valuable and another business uses branding for its gain.

A registered trademark is like a patent in that it legally attributes ownership of a brand name, design or business slogan to a particular owner. Infringing on trademark registration has legally enforceable ramifications, which can quickly determine an outcome in legal disputes. Using someone else's trade mark is an offence under the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010. If you need to learn more about this, Actuate IP can provide you with an exceptional trademark attorney in Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Copyright laws are in place to ensure that creators of expressive works, like music, art and films, have standard protections in place that prevent the unauthorised reuse or sale of an original work. A copyright is automatically applied when someone makes a creative or expressive work without formal registration. A trademark can be applied to many facets of your branding or individual elements that allow users to recognise your business instantly. Trade marks must be formally registered to provide protection. Trademark infringement occurs when someone other than the registered owner attempts to use trade names, logos or designs for their commercial benefit.

No. If you trademark a business name, logo, design or slogan within Australia, it will not be automatically recognised in other countries. There are two ways to obtain a trademark for your company or brand's intellectual assets overseas. The first is to apply individually for each country where you wish to hold trademark rights. The second way is to apply for multi-country trademark registration with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which allows you to register your trademarks across Madrid Agreement countries. Choosing a trademark lawyer who can give you the correct legal advice about the necessary trademarks for your business and implement them successfully overseas is essential. Actuate IP has a global reach and can ensure your IP strategy is delivered worldwide.

Costs can vary greatly depending on the trade mark lawyers you work with and the scope of trademarks you are seeking. Actuate IP offers fee certainty and can provide fixed fees for trademarks and patent projects. Our experience allows us to scope your project in a manner that allows us to quote with assurance.

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Our team has extensive experience advising our clients on all aspects of trademarks, patents, copyright and the protection of confidential business information. We manage many complex trademark portfolios, work with businesses at the beginning of their journey, and have a dedicated team of Melbourne based IP Lawyers to assist with cases of all types.

Contact us today to organise your initial assessment. Our office is located in the Melbourne CBD, and we can also see you in our Sydney office. If you can't make it in to see us, we can also connect over the phone or online. Rest assured - working with Actuate IP means working with the best trademark lawyers Melbourne can offer.

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