The Madrid Protocol is the international convention for registering trade marks across multiple jurisdictions with a single application.

It provides a cost-effective method for trade mark owners seeking to protect their brand globally. The Madrid Protocol commenced operation in 1996 and Australia joined in 2001. There are now more than 100 member countries party to this convention.

Until recently, a notable exception to the Madrid Protocol was Canada. In June, as part of a number of steps to modernise its intellectual property regime, Canada formally acceded to the Madrid Protocol – a welcome development to brand owners. Foreign trade mark owners can now select Canada as part of its Madrid Protocol application, avoiding the need to file, and pay for, a separate national application to secure protection for their brand in this country. For those already with a Madrid Protocol registration in place, there is the option to add Canada to that existing registration.

If you trade in Canada, or intend to in the future, our team of trade mark attorneys and lawyers can advise you on your options for protecting your trade mark in Canada, whether this is through the Madrid Protocol or otherwise. Our team can also advise on a strategy to protect your brand internationally. To contact a member of our team, call 1300 851 138 or email